• Resident of Johnson County since 1989
• Graduated South Grand Prairie High School 
• Graduated College Texas degree Airport Administration pilot tech
• 8 children, Melissa, Jeremy, Jenna, Justin, Courtney, Jake, Ryan, Aaron

• American Airlines–manager of general services supervising staff of 40
• 1984-present –owned construction companies
• 1994-present-Wyoming Woodworks of Buffalo, Inc President 

 City and County Involvement
• Former Mayor of Buffalo
• Former City Council 
• Johnson County Airport Board vice Chair 
• JOCO first Joint powers board vice Chair

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As a young boy, when I first visited a new home construction site with my father, I was immediately taken with the business. As I watched the man put a wood hammer from his leather tool belt and drives a nail deep into a stud, I remember thinking, “this has the best job in the entire world.”

While Wyoming Woodworks would not exist for many more years, I believe that the company — at least in spirit — was born that day. Years passed as I worked as a apprentice.  In1984 I was able to enter the world of construction with own company. 

Then I was building homes and commercial properties in the mid 1980’S, I cut my teeth in all aspect of construction from foundations to complete finish work. I moved more into the commercial side doing apartments and motels.  But after moving the Wyoming in the late 80’S I moved back to my first love of custom homes. By the mid 90'S Wyoming Woodworks of Buffalo, inc was born. 

Now with more than 30 years of experience in commercial building and residential construction, I have created 100’S of signature homes. Call Randy today for information on how you can get started 
Future builders couple of my Kids